About Us

Welcome to Big 3 Scouting

Big 3 Scouting is a national service that connects student athletes with coaches from prospective colleges and universities.

Our expertise in the recruiting process and sportsmanship marketing, combined with your talents, will account for maximized results! We get student athletes seen by coaches  – bottomline!!

Our Services

Our Big 3 Recruiting Process maximizes the number of interested prospective colleges the student athlete will have to choose from. 

Our process involves:

  • Determining if your position is one of need with prospective colleges.
  • Full Critique of your Video Highlights prior to sending.
  • Timely Updates with Proof of Viewing activity .

Our process Maximizes  results by taking a practical and common sense approach which involves in depth roster searches to determine if you and your position is one of need with a particular College or University. With our  process, you will always gain maximum exposure.

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